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Upcoming USPA Fly Ins


Branson, Missouri - Annual Meeting

April 11-14, 2019




Dayton, Ohio

June 13-16, 2019

(Details coming soon)

 United States Pilots Association

Have Fun with Your Plane!

The United States Pilots Association (USPA) is a "grassroots" organization of general aviation pilots and their families, dedicated to exercising our privilege to fly, travel, and see our great country from the unique vantage point of an aviator, while promoting safety and working for prudent regulation. Please review our site to learn more about how we can help you protect your right to fly, while also enjoying the benefits of participation in our association.

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In addition to keeping members informed with FlyLow Magazine and Email Newsletters, and acting in concert with other state and national aviation organizations, USPA organizes flyouts each year to destinations around the country. These destinations might be chosen for their vacation appeal or for a special activity that USPA organizes through the unique connections of its members. Past activities have included a tour of the NORAD defense facility at Cheyenne Mountain, an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of NASA, touring Mooney, Cessna, and Beechcraft factories, and visits to a high altitude chamber. Past destinations have included Destin, FL, Pueblo, CO, Branson, MO, and Biloxi, MS. New destinations are chosen and planned based on the desires of our members, so join today and place your vote for where you and your family would like to go next! 

Areas of activity sponsored by USPA include aviation safety, pilot education, airport development, pilot seminars, aviation legislation awareness, awards for pilot proficiency, and many other state, regional, and national issues in which USPA has achieved a strong record and played an active role.

USPA is a Training Provider for the

USPA would like to thank our military men and women for their sacrifices that allow us to live and prosper in America.