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Ten Good Reasons to Join USPA

  1. The United States Pilots Association is a true grassroots organization. It takes a personal interest in each pilot, as well as an interest in known aviation problems. USPA is not made up of a large corporate structure—all officers are volunteers. Every member has the same opportunity to become as involved as he/she desires, from the local airport level to the top leadership of USPA. In fact, every member is stongly encouraged to become involved at any level, at any time. The only criteria—other than being a member—is the desire to become an active and involved member.

  2. It supports keeping local airports open and active. Any airport in the US whose life becomes endangered can contact USPA for help, and USPA will respond.

  3. It lets you select your own leaders on the local, state, and national level. The leadership at the top level of USPA comes from these individuals who have joined USPA.

  4. All USPA members have full voting rights. Your voice is important to USPA, and we listen and we will respond.

  5. USPA actively sponsors Aviation Safety Programs, such as Safety Seminars and WINGS Programs. USPA Individual Members promote and present FAA Aviation Safety Programs all over the US.

  6. It has one of aviation’s best magazines, Fly-Low, which comes to each Individual Member monthly.

  7. There is good communication with the membership through USPA News Bulletins and Fly-Low. Those members having email have an instantaneous method of communication within USPA—both to its headquarters and with Individual Members.

  8. As an Individual Member in USPA you belong to an organization which in turn belongs to you. What USPA does or becomes is directed by its Individual Members through their elected directors and in person at the quarterly meetings.

  9. Its members come from many diverse occupations and varying interests.

  10. USPA has four fly-in meetings a year in different parts of the United States, which is a great way to meet new flying friends. USPA may also have mini meetings (non-business) at various other aviation meetings or gatherings around the country.